Birth of the Dwarf

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Sooo … how was the
Our friendly dwarf was born to celebrate Yuval Bar-Sela’s Barmitzva. We wanted to do something fresh – different and exciting. To create a cultured, aesthetic, fun attraction that the guests wouldn’t be likely to forget in a hurry. The whole family put their heads together and contributed ideas for the concept, design and production. The surprised response of the guests was so overwhelmingly enthusiastic, that it encouraged us to go ahead and market our newly born DISAPPEARING DWARF to make many other families happy too … 

The motivating mind behind the DWARF –
YORAM BAR-SELA (Yuval’s Dad)


To create the fascinating giant, magnetic games in the DWARF’S repertoire, Yoram utilized elements from his various areas of professional expertise. Yoram wears many hats in the fields of creative design and marketing.  A graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design (Jerusalem), Yoram is an industrial designer and also a specialist in corporate branding. He is a lecturer on Marketing & Branding at both the Shenkar Institution and the Bezalel Academy.  And guess what? He has also been one of Israel’s most renowned professional magicians (!) for 33 years.  All of his rich and artistic experience, as well as his knowledge of the needs of event organizers, came into play to create and produce this totally original range of games. The thought-challenging games combine many diverse types of activities, wit, humour and spectacularly attractive visual designs.

Meet The Dwarf  |  Birth of the Dwarf  |  The Games  |  Contact
Meet The Dwarf  |  Birth of the Dwarf  |  The Games  |  Contact